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AFC™ AFC-EPH-300-12000SKH Water Filter (Comparable to EverPure® EV9692-71) Made in U.S.A

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Micron Rating:0.5 Microns
Flow Rate:0.5 GPM 1:89 LMP - 2.0 GPM/7.56 LMP
Capacity:12 months or 12000 Gallons
Dimensions:3.4″ Tall X 12.25″ Wide
Max Temp:for cold water use only: 100° F (38° C)
Max Pressure:125 PSI

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Compatible with:

  • 4FC5
  • 4FC5-S
  • 4FC-S
  • 7FC
  • 7FC5
  • 7FC5-S
  • 7FC-S
  • 7SI
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Install Instructions:

1. Turn off Water Supply
2. Remove existing filter.
3. Install new filter in head and turn till locked.
4. Turn on Water Supply.
5. Check for leaks.
6. Flush system for 3-5 Minutes.

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