Brio NFMUF , 4 Stage Ultraf Filtration Compatible Water Filter (Made by AFC™ AFC-B4-UF-ST3 Made in U.S.A (1-Pack)

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REMOVES/REDUCES: Contaminants to a 0.2 Sub-Micron level


Micron Rating: 0.2 Micron
Life Capacity: 2000 gallons or 6 - 12 months of use
Max Temp: 100 ° F
Max Pressure: 100 PSI


    Compatible with Model:

    Compatible with all 4 Stage Ultraf Filtration Systems from Brio
Disclaimer:Do not use this filter with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality. DO NOT use this filter longer than its intended 6 – 12 month use. Doing so may result in leaks and water damage. PRODUCT PERFORMANCE IS DEPENDENT ON INCOMING WATER CONDITIONS
Legal Disclaimer:Brio is a registered trademark of Brio Water.Brio is a registered trademarks of their respective holder(s)American Filter Company and are are in no way affiliated with Brio Water.

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