American Filter Company™ Model number AFC-APWH-SDC , Compatible with 3M® AquaPure® AP917-HD Water Filter -Made in U.S.A.



Removes / Reduces: Chlorine , Bad Taste , Odor and all Contaminants to a 5 Micron level.

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 REMOVES/REDUCES: CHLORINE,BAD TASTE,ODOR and all contaminants to a 0.5 Micron level / Scale Reduction-Control.
Compatible with:
  • AP917-HD
  • 56211-02
  • AP903
  • 56210-06
VERY IMPORTANT: Please CONFIRM FITMENT – Filter dimensions 21″ Tall X 4.5″ Wide

Do not use this filter with water that is Hot. Do not use the filter with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quantity. DO NOT use this filter longer than its intended 12 Month use. Doing so may result in leaks and water damage.

3M® is a registered trademark of 3M Company. Aqua-Pure® is a registered trademark of 3M Company.
3M® and Aqua-Pure® are registered trademarks of their respective holders.
American Filter Company and are not affiliated with 3M® and Aqua-Pure®.
This product is not affiliated with or authorized by 3M® and AquaPure®
Install Instructions:
1. Turn off Water Supply.
2. Remove existing filter.
3. Install new filter in head and turn till locked.
4. Turn on Water Supply.
5. Check for leaks.
6. Flush system for 3-5 Minutes.

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Dimensions 23 × 5 × 5 in
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    American Filter Company™ Model number AFC-APWH-SDC , Compatible with 3M® AquaPure® AP917-HD Water Filter -Made in U.S.A. Reviews

  1. William Rogers

    The order met all my expectations.
  2. Ashley Morrison

    Shipped fast and did what we needed it to.
  3. Jim Lovsted

    It appears this worked for 2 weeks, and now, my house water pressure has dropped to zero. I have the City out, confirming that this is not a pressure issue from them, the only change is my filter, and sadly, this isnt performing. I am not sure why.
  4. dave b.

  5. Ron T.

  6. Charles Buck

    One of the 3 filters was defective. It caused very restricted water pressure. I replaced with another and it worked fine.
  7. Anonymous

  8. Pam C.

  9. Scott Konieczka

    Filter does not work as well as a 3M Aqua-Pure. You get what you pay for. Water is not as clean and has a strong chlorine smell still. Won’t buy them again.
  10. Lori

    Item was not shipped for over a week after delivery. No notice was provided that it may be delayed. I had to contact them to find out why it had not shipped.

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