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    1. Richard Senior

      Way too expensive, will be flipping to a different system next time
    2. LYNN S.

      Good price and fair shipping cost made the deal
    3. Kenneth Frost

      All good. I thought it was a little expensive but was very happy
    4. Jeff W.

      Product is great. Every time we order, everything is packaged nicely, quickly shipped and just like the picture.
    5. Ron

    6. Sara

      Ordered before and the work great. Finally used them up and got more.
    7. D W.

      Love these filters. I have been using them for years.
    8. Dawn B.

      It works GREAT! We just installed them yesterday perfect shipping was quick ordering was a breeze!
    9. Michele Anderson

    10. todd burrer

    11. John

    12. H M.

      great value
    13. H M.

      great value as usual
    14. Christopher Swenson

    15. Susan Fuller

      So glad to have this option - very affordable and effective.
    16. Philip Dubish

    17. Philip Dubish

      Great service , high quality filters , but they dont fit my DuPont
    18. marc d.

      Thanks for giving me the good generic avalon type filters at much more competative price. good touch with the day/month stickers. how bout year too. ha
    19. Anonymous

      Filters were very well priced, and speed of the order fulfillment was very impressive.

      It was very easy to shop with American Filters, once you know what you need. Which ones. I just re-ordered the same filters, I've been using. They're Great. Thank you.
    21. Charles Whitley

    22. Michael

    23. David Clapp

    24. Anonymous

    25. Anonymous

      Easy to install, great tasting water!
    26. Earl

      On time, Great price, Easy to order.
    27. Douglas K.

      It fits, it works, better prices
    28. Rondell cooper

      Hello I made two orders because one didn't get here. They sent it back but I still haven't received my refund
    29. JOSE S.

      No problem during installation or use. Seems to be working fine for the short time in use. Long term not known.
    30. Jan Braunstein

    31. JAMES M.

      Worked like it should, best price, quick delivery!
    32. Wendell B.

    33. David C.

      Great Product - easy to install!
    34. David C.

      Great Product - easy to install!
    35. David C.

      Great Product - easy to install!
    36. Anonymous

      Great Service, Great Price, Quick Delivery, Just Stellar!
    37. gary ronkainen

    38. Paul K.

      your company always meets my requirements
    39. Fred T.

      I trust American Filter for delivery of products
    40. Larry Rupe

      Fast shipper. Good company to buy from.
    41. Marilyn

      Not happy with price increase - but everything is higher these days. I haven't put the filters into use yet; I ordered them when I replaced the last ones. However, historically the filters have been good - and it's hard to find them at Lowes or Home Depot. Much more convenient ordering online, from a company I trust and have dealt with for years.
    42. Anonymous

      I had ordered 4 filters and only received 2. When I contacted customer service about the missing items, they sent them out. I received them 7 days later.
    43. Daniel

    44. Daniel

    45. Daniel

    46. Daniel

    47. Daniel

    48. Ann Werner

      Promptly shipped Berkey filters that were in need and not available at Berkey and for a great price!!
    49. Peter Vu

    50. Peter Dyer

      Thought our gravity water system was going to be trashed when the company said they are closing. Found the America Filter Company could fill our need of filters. They didn't take very long to fill my order and everything came in great condition! Great job!


      Fast shipping, good prices
    53. Anonymous

    54. Anonymous

    55. Anonymous

    56. Michael

      This is one of many other filters purchased from America Filter. The filter sits below the sink and changing it is simple. We use it for drinking water. Maybe its just a another filter but it does its job and does it well. We bought 3 of them.
    57. Anonymous

      Arrived quickly and easy to change filter.
    58. William Rogers

      The order met all my expectations.
    59. William Rogers

      The order met all my expectations.
    60. William Rogers

      The order met all my expectations.
    61. William Rogers

      The order met all my expectations.
    62. Amber Regalado

      Filter wa exactly as advertised. I will use American Filter Company for my filter need again.
    63. Nicole V.

    64. Christy S.

      Perfect for my filter system. Packed and shipped promptly. However I was charged a high amount for shipping when 3 filters use to ship for free when cost was reached over certain amount.
    65. Robert P.

    66. Nancy

      Excellent service and product.
    67. Anonymous

      Prompt delivery. Easy to install . I’ve used these filters for many years now. Always work.
    68. Anonymous

      precise product, fair shipping costs, quick delivery. THANKS
    69. Dennis Fetscher

      You haven’t answered my question....how long will I be seeing aeration bubbles inside a drinking glass, Keurig, etc.
    70. Tom

      Quick Shipping!!!!!!! Good Product!!!!!
    71. Richard O.

      Fast delivery. Perfect fit.
    72. Kevin Alarie

      Have not recieved ordered and unable to get a hold off anyone about it, multiple emails and calls
    73. william

      quality filter at a good price.
    74. Angela Bahr

      my name is Ted chief engineer for Hilton Garden Inn, very reasonable prices.
    75. jacquie reilly

      Nice filter but customer service was incredibly slow. No one was available to speak on the phone. I had to send a email and was told it would be up to 48 hours before I get a reply. I had trouble getting the filter in and wasn't sure I purchased the right one. I was able to install it without any help,...the return email from American Filter as they said, 2 days later. Good product but they need customer service people answering the telephones.

      Great price and arrived on time!
    77. Jodi

      Easy to install. Works great.
    78. Nick

      Great deal vs the Avalon branded filters and they work great.
    79. Susan

      Was exactly what I expected and on time.
    80. Gordon

      Happy with purchase. US made which is a must. Better price than LG OEM. Hope they do the same job.

    82. H Craig Miller

      excellent, as previously
    83. mark voss

      I would prefer you did not put invoices in the shipping box.
    84. Mark K.

      Shipped a 3-pack complete & within a week! Very pleased!
    85. Alfredo Cruz

      I appreciate the ease with the returning filters purchased. I would have liked them to have worked.
    86. Janet

      I ordered my filters on line and I had to get a compatible version of my filter i was very confused about which one of the filters works the best for me. One was $120.00 and the order was $70. So I called the company and left a message but didn’t receive a call back or May be I missed it somehow. So I decided to send an email, and I got response right away and I was able to decide and order. I was very impressed. Thank u for your fast email service.
    87. Mark

      The filters are about 2/3 the size of the original filters. It will be interesting to see how well they do and how long they last.
    88. Norman Baker

      Just what we needed. Can I order another set of filters
    89. Ashley Morrison

      Shipped fast and did what we needed it to.
    90. Keith Wheeler

    91. Keith Wheeler

      Great filter and price. Would like to see more timely shipping.
    92. Deborah A ONey

      Thank you for following directions carefully, sending exactly the right filter, and doing it in good time. Will order from you agin.
    93. Tom

      Saved some $$ by purchasing direct.......... quick shipping!
    94. Daniel

      Good product
    95. Anonymous

    96. Rebeca Rojas

    97. Anonymous

    98. Lyndsi Neate

      They were too tall to fit into our cabinet.
    99. Denise

    100. Jo-Ann T.

      We’ve purchased in the past. Needed more. They work great
    101. William Boutwell

      Perfect fit
    102. William Murray

      Quick replacement AAA+++
    103. Vahan M.

      Good fit.
    104. Stephanie I.

    105. FRANK

    106. Alex C.

      Great Price and quality
    107. John Norton

      Received Order. Haven't installed yet.
    108. Robert F.

    109. Jeff P.

    110. Mark Swain

      Ordering was easier than purchasing locally.
    111. Ron Collister

    112. Jerry Joseph

    113. Anonymous

    114. Ben

      The product is just fine but the issue of customer service was unsatisfactory. The order came in two separate shipments that were about a week apart without being informed of this. This led me to believe that I did not receive what I paid for and tried to contact the company many, many times by phone and also by email. Zero response from either. Finally the rest of the order was delivered but not without being upset about this for a week and no company explanation.
    115. Steven Huynh

    116. Lizeth

    117. Marci W.

      It fit and works fine - hope it lasts longer than 6 months - love that it is made in the USA - will definitely buy again.
    118. Jim B.

      The filter was a little loose going into base unit. Would buy them again.
    119. Dennis Mackulin

    120. Anonymous

    121. Angie Sanders

    122. Angie Sanders

    123. Angie Sanders

    124. Joel J K.

    125. Mary Ann Clarkson

    126. Donald Lyons

      I had a problem with my filter and they responded very quickly with a fix, great support.
    127. Roman School

    128. mike mulloy

    129. Diana

    130. Brian E.

      Fit like it was made for it. Locked in with no leaks
    131. Joe

    132. Glenn

      work very well
    133. Dan

    134. Anonymous

      Great price fast delivery.
    135. Jeffrey Nolze

    136. Anonymous

    137. Rita Nozzolillo

      The water filter worked
    138. JAMES TOMKO

    139. Eric

    140. dave b.

    141. Joel Mitnick

    142. ALAN DAUGER

    143. Lance

      Nobody had this one… nobody else… TY
    144. Harry

      Works fine, installed well, tastes good!
    145. Lawrence Zeiger

    146. Steve Lotto

      IT WORKS!!!!
    147. David Cappella

      Worked fine
    148. Jeremy B.

      Good price. Arrived quickly and fit correctly
    149. Yvette

    150. Anonymous

      Exactly what I ordered!!!!
    151. Eric R.

      Excellent Customer Service! Prompt delivery.
    152. Anonymous

    153. Paul B.

      Great service! Thanks
    154. Kamran Ullah

      It was absolutely good and genuine..
    155. Bradley Christensen

      This filter was difficult to find and I am extremely satisfied with American Filters. The customer service was excellent and the product works perfectly. American Filters is my new go to filter company.
    156. Gene G.

      Great price and fast service. We are pleased.
    157. Gene G.

      Great price and fast service. We are pleased.
    158. James F.

    159. Charles McAlpine

      Wonderful product! Fits perfectly, and great value!
    160. john hart

      I thought at first the refrigerator filters didn’t fit until I realized the stem extends to fit. Both filters work great. One for the refrigerator ice maker and one for under sink water filter.
    161. Alexander Rubin

    162. Anonymous

      Bring back free shipping with certain $ orders
    163. Griffin K.

      Easy to install and comparable with Pentair i4000
    164. Del

      As for the filter it works. Now I am very upset about not having no one to talk to when I called. I left massages and emails and never got an answer. After a month I call to place an order and that is when I got to talk to a person.
    165. James J.

    166. Anchorage Junior Academy

    167. Nora D.

      Filters were delivered within a week of ordering them which impressed me. The fact that I can purchase another filter that functions the same as the Aqua Pure brand at a much lower cost will make me a returning customer when I need to have them replaced.
    168. Nora D.

    169. Bruce Kugler

    170. Ron T.

    171. Stan Hillhouse

    172. Sean O.

      Easy to order from them and delivered quickly and well packed. It installed easily, just the way the 3M product did in the past but at a much better prince.
    173. Eric H.

      Thank you for providing me continued utilization of my aging water filter tap. I will continue to purchase the quality filters as well as any others I may need in the future. Customer for life!
    174. mark c.

      They work great with my furnace water system
    175. Dustin Cassels

    176. Michael Cotton

    177. Mark Schabow

    178. Mark V.

    179. Kat B.

      Product arrived quickly and was easy to install. The site was easy to use. We're thrilled!
    180. Mike C.

      Delivery was not as fast as Amazon, but that's okay
    181. Fred Mavroudis

    182. Sara Shepard

      They work perfect for much less than the name one. I was a bit skeptical when they came as they were smaller, but they use less plastic for the same amount of water. So happy.
    183. Anonymous

    184. Thomas Hansen

    185. Thomas Hansen

    186. Markus

      Easy ordering procedure, fast delivery, good follow-up.
    187. Joe montgomery

    188. wayne lynch

    189. Anonymous

    190. Anonymous

      We got a bad filter so had to replace and they cost too much
    191. Edwin F.

      The correct model that was ordered arrived quickly.
    192. Michael

      All worked well. Good fit and fair price.
    193. Alonso G.

      Fast shipping. Filters are always high quality and work great. Thank you!
    194. Anonymous

    195. H Craig M.

      again. quality and service
    196. H Craig M.

      good service, quality product, as always
    197. Deborah R.

      Easy to work out a shipping mistake! Thank you A.F.!
    198. gary ronkainen

    199. Jay

      Perfect fit. No complaints
    200. Donald Seserko

    201. Anonymous

    202. barry pressman

    203. harris s bernstein

    204. Stephen

      Excellent product. Seals perfectly and yields water with a very clean taste.
    205. Graham Clark

    206. Pam C.

    207. Anonymous

      It was difficult to reach a person. No one returned 2-3 messages that we left requesting a return call. I researched an alternative number and then received good assistance. Perhaps a better message would be helpful with a contact number that a person will respond to.
    208. Anonymous

      Delivered when anticipated and product was easy to install and works as described. Thank you!
    209. Ronald A Jenovai

      Terrific service.
    210. Angie S.

      Great product! Fast shipping
    211. Vernon Allard

    212. richard caviola

      Thank You
    213. Tom J.

    214. Randy

      The filter works fine. Using a priority package within a priority package as opposed to some other form of protection poses an ethical question for me. I do like supporting products made in the USA.
    215. Richard Klein

      The replacements were lighter and easier to handle. The cost savings was especially significant since Pentair acquired EverPure and jacked up the prices.
    216. Anonymous

    217. Richie

      working just fine
    218. Zohar Loshitzer

    219. George K.

      I judge a company by who well they stand by their product and customer service. They were great.
    220. William Milversted

    221. William Milversted

    222. Michael P.

      I have searched the internet and found the best price for this filter. I am hoping that it cleans our water like the original filter from Aqua Pure which is very expensive. We can purchase two of these for less than AP charges for one of them. This helps us a lot, my wife and I are disabled and on a fixed income and can't afford more than the price this company charges.
    223. Rhonda F.

    224. Anonymous

      Great service
    225. Anonymous

    226. Anonymous


      Good product at a reasonable price
    228. David

      Have not installed it yet. Will replace the current filter in December 2022 or January 23
    229. David

      Filter fit as expected.
    230. David

      Filter fit as expected.
    231. Jason Pollitt

      The service was great.
    232. Alex Chaney

    233. Anonymous

      Fit perfect.
    234. dennis d.

    235. thomas g.

    236. Clinton Phalen

    237. Richard Rose

    238. Roland Williams

    239. Anonymous

    240. Michael Gaul

      Pricey. But what isn't these days
    241. Larry Hromadka

    242. Kate Shaddow

    243. bill schoen

      Great price
    244. Anonymous

    245. H Craig

      used these for years, high quality
    246. PRAVIN K.

      its good. Pravin k.
    247. Greg

      This filter is a little long (tall but it works great and I got them at a better price than I could find elswhere-Shiooing was fast-Great service
    248. Dennis Edmison

      Did OK!
    249. RENEE WOLFE

    250. Mx Nuveen

    251. Bruce Archer

      They're a perfect fit and easy to install.
    252. Anonymous

      Affordable product, came quickly, very similar to brand product. Made in the USA!
    253. Anonymous

      Shipping was quick, affordable products that work! Made in the USA is a bonus!
    254. aaron kreisler

    255. Jodi

      Arrived promptly and easy to install!!
    256. thomas mare

      Lasts far longer than leading brands
    257. Elizabeth Mollner

    258. PAULA M.

    259. Ivan Brink

    260. patricia lilly

    261. Kathy L.

      Easy instructions, easy install. Availability and price were good too!
    262. Patricia Young

    263. Jim

    264. Anonymous

    265. Irwin Lifshey

    266. Jonathan

      Seemingly good product at a competitive price. (First time using AFC filters.)

    268. Mark H.

    269. Anonymous

    270. Nick Lazzareschi

    271. stephen kaylor

      Just what i wanted works great!
    272. Thomas Bowser

      Have not used one yet. Ordered for when need occurs
    273. Steve K.

    274. City Pelican

    275. Angie S.

      As a HVAC & plumbing company, I love shopping with AFC for water filters for our customers and I've always had a great experience. However I ordered these filters by mistake and the returns process is not very customer-friendly. This is the only complaint I've ever had while ordering from your company, but there has to be an easier way to complete a return. I look forward to ordering from you in the future.
    276. Magnus Echendu

      Very good
    277. Dan

      Filters are less expensive than GE filters and always have been very reliable. Package deals always are appreciated. I purchase 6-8 filter sets each time I order so I have them ready to install as well as possibly get the best deal when ordering a higher quantity. Keep up the good work with your product. Thanks
    278. KEVIN C.


    280. Linda R.

      Received my order within 10 days. No complaints.
    281. lily meeds

    282. stephen

    283. Bill Sullivan

    284. Alexandra Burton

      These were the wrong one and you quickly replaced them with the right ones!!! Yayy!
    285. Tom

      As described
    286. Kip

      Great service with excellent prices
    287. John B.

      Filters and shipping were reasonably priced.
    288. Robert Church

      Great price, made in the USA.
    289. Billy Daniel

      Water coming through filter is still cloudy after 2 weeks, otherwise it was an excellent transaction.
    290. Julie Crawford

      Easy to order & received in a short time.
    291. Anonymous


    293. Linnda Moulton

    294. Giselle

      Love this product.
    295. Dolores

    296. Gayle

      You did great. I will use you again. Thanks
    297. Robert B.

      Just what I ordered and delivered fast.
    298. John

      Order was received, but then we discovered that our filter assembly needed to be replaced and the filters had to be returned. Return was easy and credit came through!
    299. Charles Moorer

      Recently installed this filters for the local school district and found we were short. We ordered 21 and only received 20. Of course we have no proof of this other than our word which can be backed by very good references. Current problem is we need six more filters. Please have someone contact me at 843-560-1160. We will be replacing these units on a regular basis and was pleased with your quick delivery. Thanks, Charlie
    300. john pratt

    301. Greg

      Fir perfectly-fast shipping-good price
    302. Stephen S.

    303. Jackie C.

    304. Dan Viele

      Great filters, fit perfectly in old and new filter head
    305. Allan

    306. Gregory P.

      Filters with Genuine product details and materials, Great cleaning product.
    307. Guelda

      Arrived quickly! Thankful they are made in the USA
    308. Joe Patterson

      I bought these filters because they are made in the USA. I am proud to not pay high prices for Chinese products.
    309. Mark S.

      I installed the first one the other day and the American Filter cartridge body is slightly taller than the original Body glove filter. I had to remount the filter head higher inside the cabinet.
    310. Roger Thomas

    311. Dina

    312. Sheila

      Easy ordering process and quick delivery. Highly recommend.
    313. St. Joan of Arc School

      Exactly what I needed!! Fast service!! I will continue to buy from you
    314. Carl Purdom

    315. Ricardo

    316. Anonymous

      Exactly what was needed!
    317. Richard Johnson

      filter price is too high I will shop for less cost next time
    318. Douglas Stamper

      A real pleasure to work with.
    319. David W.

    320. JOHN M.

    321. Anonymous

      Great site, fast delivery and filters actually fit the furnace properly as opposed to the garbage all the box stores sell. Thanks American
    322. Fred T.

    323. Larrie Petty

    324. Kristi Taddonio

      Timely delivery, great product
    325. Midtex Oil Midtex Oil

    326. Midtex Oil Midtex Oil

    327. Midtex Oil Midtex Oil

      Wonderful service
    328. Diane

    329. Roger Blank

    330. Anonymous

    331. Brian

      Looks to be a direct replacement for the OEM Insinkerator 501/601 filters, uncertain of all capabilities like removal of VOCs etc. Great water flow from faucet, had air bubbles in the first handful of glasses even after flushing 10+ gallons after installation. At this point, I would order again.
    332. Anonymous

    333. Dale

      First filter has now been in place for about 2 weeks and is doing great. Was a bit of a struggle to get it full seated. Took some real force for the final seating. Then, doing the initial purge was fine. No carbon fine particles like I have gotten from other filters. I think this will be good.
    334. Sandra

      Correct items delivered quickly. Second year using this company. It’s now our go to place to get replacement water filters.
    335. Michael Macias

      I am still waiting for my exchange
    336. George

    337. Chuck Rogge

      Delivered on time, correct size to what was ordered, very satisfied with timing and price.
    338. Carol

      When I originally placed my order I ordered the wrong size. The return process was very easy. I ordered the correct size and they work great.
    339. shawn w.

      No comments
    340. Edward Gruszka

    341. George

      Filter arrived on time and as ordered
    342. Dennis

      Quality filter at a much better price point than Body Glove 12000c
    343. Anonymous

      Finally, a filter that is the correct size.
    344. George D.

    345. Andy G.

    346. YONG KIM

      I am happy with this water 💧 filter.
    347. Shane Hensley

    348. Shane Hensley

      As advertised and arrived quickly. Thanks!
    349. Michael K.

      Perfect fit. Couldn’t find the filter anywhere else on the internet.
    350. Omar Suarezz Solis

    351. Omar Suarezz Solis

    352. Omar Suarezz Solis

    353. Omar Suarezz Solis

    354. Omar Suarezz Solis

    355. kenneth williams

    356. Christy Schmitz

      Great prices and American made! Perfect shipping. Thank you

    358. Angie S.

      Love using American Filter Company. Great product at a great price.
    359. Anonymous

    360. Robert

    361. Adam W.

    362. Crockett School

    363. Jerry

    364. Charles

    365. Jan Connal

    366. paul bishop

    367. Rich H.

      See how it holds up seems to be of good quality
    368. David Logan

    369. Randy S.

    370. James S.

      I switched from 3M after becoming concerned with their Top 3 Institutional Holders and other concerns over the use of Ethylene Dioxide in other types of filters (not necessarily AC filters). Just to be safe, I bought local and I'm going for a product that is further removed from the now obvious agenda to cause harm. Smells like a filter should; no alarming odors. American Filter Company makes a great air filter.
    371. Martin C.

      Great price and fits perfectly!!
    372. John Moody

      Filters shipped quickly and fit well!
    373. John Moody

      Filters shipped quickly and fit well!
    374. Frank Stone

    375. Richard Cox

      The company did great. I ordered the wrong part and you took the parts back and sent me the correct ones. Thank you. I will recommend your company highly to anyone who inquires.
    376. Bruce O.

      I only wish American filter also stocked the filter elements I need so it would be a one stop shop for me.
    377. Dave Bray

    378. Adam F.

      I purchase these filters for a public agency and appreciate being able to save the tax payers money over buying OEM while still buying American and keeping our money within our borders.
    379. John V.

      The filter fits but is much, much smaller ??
    380. Eleanor Wiedenmann

    381. Raymond Farrington

      It's exactly what I needed.
    382. Jeanette Guerrero

      This filter really works great!
    383. Robert Blunt

    384. Lorrie C.

      Filters got here before they said they would. Easy.....can't find the size I need to Home Depot or Lowes locally, so this makes my search easier.
    385. Carolyn D.

    386. Carolyn D.

    387. Earle

      Slow delivery
    388. Pierce County Maintenance Dept.

    389. Maria Esparza

      Yur arrivals very quick
    390. Anonymous

    391. OLIVIA

      It fits the CFS8720-S but the groves are much shallower than the Cuno so it always feels like its going to slip off.
    392. Marilyn H.

      They're good filters and getting them from American Filter Company is convenient.
    393. Manager Manager

    394. Rene Amaya

    395. Michael

      They came quickly. Installed easily. Water flow is perfect!
    396. Dennis

    397. Anonymous

    398. John Turbeville

    399. Jerry Carnley

    400. H Craig

      Usual good product
    401. Anonymous

      It took me a minute/two of figure out the website. I called your number and appreciated the call back.
    402. Charles C.

      Fast, convenient service.
    403. Kevin Dinsmore

    404. Vikas Yadav

      product was good
    405. Vikas Yadav

      true :)
    406. Vikas Yadav

      i will share this to other for sure.
    407. Vikas Yadav

    408. Anonymous

      Great speedy service with great prices
    409. Ann Carroll

      Thank you for your fair prices.
    410. Daniel Cripe

      fits my needs
    411. Doug Arnold

      We cannot confirm this replacement model for FSQVF will work until we get home. The order was filled and completed in a very timely fashion. Wish you could ship to Canada.
    412. James Jordan

      Great product at great price. We use these for all of our ice machines and drinking fountains at our facility.
    413. Kevin Hulsman

      Fit perfectly.
    414. Mike Stidhem

      Always Reliable.
    415. Brian Forward

    416. Jana Pevan

      Product has performed longer than expected. Easy to install.
    417. Adrianne Spiegel

      These filters last longer than the AP517 and cost less also.
    418. Raghu Kurlagunda

      Our motor home had a hard to find under the sink water filter that had frozen (forgot to remove it during winterization). I located a filter at this web-store that I taught might be compatible and sent an email message on a Saturday night asking if the filter I was interested in was compatible. Received a reply on Monday morning informing me the filter was compatible. Purchased the filter and received it two days later and the filter worked. Completely satisfied, very good company
    419. Stephen Smith

      looks like the oem lets hope for the same resul;ts
    420. Ryan Harnden

      great product at a great price and fast shipping
    421. Ken Boyd

      Much better price vs. Home Depot!
    422. Dean Allman

      I've ordered from American Filter Company three times. Each time my order was processed and Delivered fast. What's nice about the filters is they install easier than the previous metal style cartridges and cost Less as well.
    423. Tate Study

      Good Deal
    424. Double D Services

      Great product at great price. We use these for all of our ice machines and drinking fountains at our facility.
    425. Glen DeYoung

      Came on time and works fine.
    426. Robert Gagnon

      I get down on my knees, open the cabinet doors below the kitchen sink and gaze lovingly at these filters.
    427. mark emery

      Don't give your money to Amazon. Same price and service.
    428. Brandon Ritter

      As good as original at a fraction of the price
    429. Kil Dong Han

      Fast delivery, good price, good quality, sealed package
    430. david antich

      Super experience
    431. Scott Weaver

      Great Price.
    432. Brad Schaible

      good substitute for the expensive brand name filter sold by Everpure. Seems to last longer too.
    433. Liz Perez

      Flow rate lower than OEM
    434. Kimberlee Billet

    435. Mark Kaspar

      Will see how long filter lasts.
    436. James Daniel

      I have,nt install one yet
    437. Chris DeVries

      Fit perfectly and easy to put in.
    438. Eduardo Wandasan

      Quick delivery. Filters work great and are a lot less expensive!
    439. Thomas Baker

      product was as described
    440. Errick Lewis

      Fast shipping
    441. William Pridgen

      The ordering process was easy and the products were delivered as planned. I've used your web site to order filters in the past and your ordering process is easy and the products are of high quality.
    442. John Baldetti

    443. James Callahan


    445. Zack Brown

      Water Filter